Our Fifth Beatle

The Batchers congratulate Tony Vengrove who celebrates the first anniversary of Makery Coworking—Litchfield County’s first coworking home for freelancers and entrepreneurs, located on Bank Street in New Milford.

Tony also owns and operates Miles Finch Innovation, our strategic partner for branding and marketing since our launch. Tony is the driving force behind the design of the Litchfield Distillery brand and he handles all of our marketing and communication efforts to this day.

After listening to us articulate our vision and understanding our core values, he quickly coined the tagline, “The Spirit of Hard Work®.” We fell in love immediately.

For those who have taken a tour of the distillery, chances are you heard us tell the backstory of the collaboration that took place to design our “barrel roller” icon. We’re not sure we would have landed where we did without a partner who respected the creative thinking of his client.

We are grateful to support a local creative partner that shares our values and is not afraid to roll up his sleeves and get the job done. That’s why we often refer to Tony as the “Fifth Beatle,” or perhaps, we should say, the fifth Batcher.

If you’re in need of branding and marketing support, we highly recommend you give Tony a call. And, if you’re tired of working home alone and want a more collaborative working environment, check out the beautiful Makery Coworking that Tony brought to life for the Litchfield County community.