Father’s Day 2024 Single-Barrel Release

Litchfield Distillery is proud to announce the release of a single-barrel bourbon whiskey to honor hard-working fathers on Father’s Day. Back in April, distillery owners, David, Jack and Peter Baker, invited members from Slocum & Sons, their Connecticut distributor, to help taste several casks and select a final barrel for the occasion.

The unanimous choice was Cask #1789, originally filled on October 13, 2017 and aged for 6 1/2 years before bottling. Like all Litchfield Distillery Bourbons, it was distilled from 100% CT-Grown corn, rye and malted barley. It was bottled at 99 proof.

“We tasted about six different barrels, but after sampling cask #1789, we were all blown away by it,” said Peter Baker, Co-Owner, Litchfield Distillery. “The nose is so inviting with vanilla, cherry and orange notes and the flavors on the palate are lush and full-bodied.” Litchfield bourbons are considered “high rye” bourbons due to a mash bill containing 25% rye. This level of rye grain adds nice pepper and spice notes that can really be appreciated on the long finish of this expression.

This limited release comes in an exclusive branded gift box that contains a bottle of bourbon, an iconic Glencairn glass, and a note card. Suggested retail price is $89.95. A little over 200 bottles are available and they are all shipping to Connecticut retailers.

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“We’re excited for our customers to enjoy this bottle,” said Jack Baker, Co-Owner, Litchfield Distillery. “It’s the first time we’ve released a Connecticut-Grown bourbon whiskey with a 6 1/2 year age statement. There was a good amount of angel share in the chosen cask, which created a lush, smooth and flavorful bourbon.”

If you are looking for a perfect local gift to honor your father’s “Spirit of Hard Work,” Litchfield Distillery’s 2024 Father’s Day Gift Box is sure to delight.

If you are a retailer or bourbon club interested in Litchfield Distillery’s single-barrel program, click here for more information.