The Batchers of Litchfield Distillery

We call ourselves Batchers in honor of the early farmers of Northwest Connecticut, a region that became known for its ample yield of wheat, corn and barley. Coaxing these crops from the rocky terrain took a certain type of grit and determination. Today, we take the best our local famers have to offer and distill fine craft spirits, one batch at a time. They do the growing. We do the batching. And you get a little share in this luscious little section of Connecticut called Litchfield County. Come taste The Spirit of Hard Work®.










Mixology Spirit: Khalid Williams

"Making great cocktails consistently is almost like taking a Hippocratic oath: do no harm. If something is good already, don’t mess with it or overcomplicate it," says mixologist Khalid Williams of Taprock Beer Bar & Refuge. Learn what ignites Khalid's passion for making extraordinary cocktails.
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The Mint Julep–A Classic Cocktail Recipe

Maybe it's time to enjoy this delicious drink year round!
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Meet the Batchers: Sharon Vaghi

In this issue of Meet the Batchers, we feature Sharon Vaghi, who has been on our team for a little over two years. We're lucky to have a great team at Litchfield Distillery and we're proud to showcase our team member's Spirit of Hard Work® in each Meet the Batchers post.
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