The Batchers of Litchfield Distillery

We call ourselves Batchers in honor of the early farmers of Northwest Connecticut, a region that became known for its ample yield of wheat, corn and barley. Coaxing these crops from the rocky terrain took a certain type of grit and determination. Today, we take the best our local farmers have to offer and distill fine craft spirits, one batch at a time. They do the growing. We do the batching. And you get a little share in this luscious little section of Connecticut called Litchfield County. Come taste The Spirit of Hard Work®.





Mothers Day 2019

The Batchers name their column still in honor of their Mother, Joan Baker.

Mixology Spirit: Lupo Passero

Explore the intersection between plants, herbs and cocktails.

Our 1,000th Mash

Another milestone achieved!

The Batchers on The Intrepid Way Podcast

Learn more about our distilling philosophies and what The Spirit of Hard Work® means to us.

Litchfield Distillery expands distribution to Illinois

If you live in Illinois, learn how you can purchase The Spirit of Hard Work®!