Litchfield Distillery Flavored Vodkas Recognized by The Fifty Best

Litchfield Distillery announced it was honored by The Fifty Best for its locally-made flavored vodkas, winning a total of three medals.

The Fifty Best recently evaluated 34 Flavored Vodka from across the United States for its distinguished “Best Flavored Vodka” awards for 2017. Litchfield Distillery’s Blueberry Flavored Vodka received Gold Medal honors, while their Strawberry and Apple Flavored Vodkas each took Silver Medals.

“We were humbled by the recognition,” said Litchfield Distillery Co-Owner, David Baker. “We’re very proud of our seasonal flavored vodkas. Our consumers can’t wait to get their hands on them every time we release a fresh batch.”

Each Litchfield Distillery Flavored Vodka is 100% local. The vodka is distilled from CT-Grown corn from Lion Rock Farm in Sharon, Connecticut. Because Litchfield Distillery distills from corn, all their vodkas are gluten-free. The fruit used to infuse each vodka is sourced from Litchfield County orchards and farms.

“Because we use fresh, local fruit, our flavored vodkas really deliver a fresh aroma and authentic fruit taste,” continued Baker. “There’s nothing artificial tasting about these spirits.”

The Fifty Best judges described Litchfield Distillery’s Blueberry Vodka palette as “nicely balanced, complex, bright and smooth” as it delivers a “clean berry and floral” aroma.

With the region’s fall apple harvest recently complete, the Distillery shipped its latest release of Batchers’ Apple Flavored Vodka to stores across Connecticut, Rhodle Island, Boston, and New York City.

“Since we only release these spirits on a limited, seasonal basis, there is high demand for them,” continued Baker. “We encourage our fans to pick up a bottle when they see them on shelf as they might not be there next time they return.”

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