Introducing Founders’ Reserve

Litchfield Distillery is proud to announce the launch of our Founders’ Reserve series, a special designation for limited-release, exceptional casks that deserve a special moment in the spotlight.

Our inaugural Founders’ Reserve expression is a luscious Bourbon Whiskey that was finished in rum casks. This Straight Bourbon Whiskey is our Connecticut-Grown bourbon that was aged in #4 charred barrels for five years before being transferred to South American rum casks where it finished for an additional seven months.

“The time spent in the rum barrels added wonderful layers of flavors and complexity that complement our Bourbon Whiskey’s signature profile just perfectly,” said Jack Baker, co-owner of Litchfield Distillery. “You’ll enjoy lush notes of caramelized sugar, more of a brown sugar with hints of molasses and dark fruits. It’s exceptionally smooth but our high-rye mash bill means you’ll enjoy a long, spicy finish. It’s a great sipper!”

Expressions launched under the Founders’ Reserve moniker are special selections made unanimously by all three Baker brothers, Peter, Jack and David Baker. To highlight the special nature of these limited releases, all 884 bottles produced have been hand-signed by each brother. “After all the single-barrel collaborations we’ve done with retailers and bourbon clubs over the years, we’ve come to appreciate how some casks really stand out and are something quite special,” continued Jack. “Founders’ Reserve gives us a chance to showcase some of these standouts and to also share special barrel finishes that we think are truly exceptional.”

The Founders’ Reserve Rum-Finished Bourbon comes packaged in a limited-edition branded gift box that includes two rock glasses. Suggested retail price for the box set is $89.95.  It can be purchased at the Distillery Store (while supplies last) and several Connecticut retail locations that carry Litchfield Distillery spirits.

For a list of retail stores that ordered Founders’ Reserve, click here. We recommend you call the store first to confirm if they have it in stock.