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Mixology Spirit

Mixology Spirit: Michela Zurstadt

“My personal cocktail-making philosophy is based on purity: using the freshest ingredients possible, and unadulterated modifiers. Respect for ingredients is key,” says Michela Zurstadt. Check out her Mixology Spirit cocktail, the Golden Gun.

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Mixology Spirit: Khalid Williams

“Making great cocktails consistently is almost like taking a Hippocratic oath: do no harm. If something is good already, don’t mess with it or overcomplicate it,” says mixologist Khalid Williams of Taprock Beer Bar & Refuge. Learn what ignites Khalid’s passion for making extraordinary cocktails.

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Mixology Spirit: Craig Ventrice

“There is nobility to be found in this work, and the best among us are in touch with that nobility in every part of the job.,” says Craig Ventrice, Bar and Beverage Manager for Bill Taibe’s Westport-based restaurant group, which includes Kawa Ni, The Whelk, and Jesup Hall.

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Mixology Spirit: Christine Short

Welcome to Mixology Spirit, a new Litchfield Distillery blog series dedicated to sharing the stories of creative and passionate mixologists who embody The Spirit Of Hard Work®. In this edition, we speak with Christine Short, Mixologist at Zaragoza.

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