Mothers Day 2019

Baeker--Litchfield Distillery's nickname for their still.

Happy Mothers Day to all the amazing, hard-working mothers out there! We hope you have a special day.

In the spirits business, it’s a common tradition to name distillery stills. Recently, we decided to name ours “Baeker” in honor of our late Mother, Joan.

Our Father’s nickname for Mom was “Bae.” A long time ago, they tried to customize a license plate with “Bae,” but it was already spoken for. So, they chose “Baeker” instead, which is a clever combination of her nickname and our last name.

When you visit Litchfield Distillery, you’ll see Mom’s license plate adorning our column still. For us, it’s a daily reminder of our Mother’s inspiring life and the values she instilled in us. The values that we rely upon day in and day out.

Happy Mothers Day!