Maple Peach Tea Sipper

Thank you to Mixologist Christine Short (Zaragoza, New Milford) for creating a perfect cocktail recipe for our new Maple Bourbon. Many might not think to turn to bourbon in the hot summer months, but the Maple Peach Tea Sipper is a very refreshing drink to enjoy on the hottest of days. Served over ice, the subtle sweetness of our Batchers’ Maple Bourbon complements the fresh muddle peaches and fresh-brewed tea.

It’s simple to make with very accessible ingredients:

2 oz. Batchers’ Maple Bourbon
4 oz. Fresh-Brewed Black Tea
0.75 oz Honey
1/8th of Fresh Peach
Whole Nutmeg
Fresh Mint

Mudldle fresh peach, add bourbon, honey, and ice. Shake. Strain into glass with ice and top with fresh-brewed tea. Garnish with with mint, peach slice, and freshly grated nutmeg on top.

We hope you try and enjoy it! We love to see pictures of cocktails made with our spirits. Please share online and tag us with @litchfielddistillery or #spiritofhardwork. Cheers!