Litchfield Distillery Welcomes New Straight Rye Whiskey to the Lineup

We’re excited to announce that our Straight Rye Whiskey is now available! Born from 70% Winter Rye and 30% Malted Barley, it’s bottled at 92 proof and 100% #CTMade.

Aging in special honey-combed cooperage helped increase the whiskey’s exposure to caramelized sugars in the barrel’s char. We’re very proud how this is drinking at two years. The rye transforms into sweet and spicy peppery notes while the barley adds a hint of roasted toffee. Overall, the palette is full of spice, cinnamon, and a touch of sweet vanilla.

We’ve been enjoying this neat and/or with a little water or ice. One of our favorite cocktails to mix with it is a Whiskey Smash. The lemon and mint complement the Rye Whiskey’s spice and cinnamon notes quite nicely. It’s easy to make, as well!


2.0 oz. Litchfield Distillery Rye Whiskey

1.0 oz. Simple Syrup

3 to 4 Sprigs of Mint

1/4 Lemon (Cut into 2 or 3 pieces)

Crushed Ice (to fill glass)

Method: Muddle mint and lemon. Add Rye Whiskey and simple syrup. Shake and strain into glass filled with crushed ice. Garnish with mint.


Look for our Straight Rye Whiskey wherever Litchfield Distillery Spirits are sold. Also available at our Distillery Store and Curbside Pickup.