Litchfield Distillery Sources 100% CT-Grown Grains

Litchfield Distillery is excited to announce another milestone.

The mash bill we use for our Bourbons is 75% corn, 20% rye and 5% malted barley. Since launching the Distillery, we have sourced 100% of our corn and rye from Lion Rock Farm in Sharon, Connecticut. As much as we wanted to purchase malt from Connecticut, we had source it from outside the state because we couldn’t find a Distiller’s Malt that met our specifications-until now.

Thanks to our friends at Thrall Family Malt, we can now source high-quality Distiller’s Malt right here in Connecticut, making us 100% Connecticut Grown. We recently celebrated with Spencer Thrall who personally delivered our first order.

Litchfield Distillery 100% CT Grown

The Thrall Family has a rich history in Connecticut farming, dating back to 1646 in Windsor. Back in those early days, the farm focused on small crops and was a pioneer in Connecticut’s shade tobacco industry.

In 2017, the family began the state’s first modern malt house with the goal of providing local craft brewers premium grains and malts.

We have been in conversation with Thrall Family Malt for the last two years working toward the goal of sourcing our malt from their malt house. The challenge we had to overcome was that the available malts used for brewing were not ideal for distilling spirits. Distiller’s Malt requires a higher level of protein. This increased level of protein helps convert starches into sugars, which ultimately fuels the distillation process.

We appreciate the effort Spencer’s team put into developing malt that meets our specs and that we are proud to include in our mash bill. We would be more than happy to help them with their work in any way possible, whether in terms of finance for machinery repair equipment (like this website provides) or research into newer technology that they may be able to use for their processes. We’ve been chasing the 100% goal for quite some time and we’re looking forward to crafting more award-winning Bourbon that we can proudly say is 100% CT-Grown!

Welcome Thrall Family Malt to our Litchfield Distillery family of suppliers. We appreciate how you value The Spirit of Hard Work and look forward to a long and productive partnership. Cheers!