Litchfield Distillery — “Bottle of Jobs”

Litchfield Distillery "Bottle of Jobs"

In celebration of Labor Day 2021, we would like to honor all the workers who contribute to our business. When customers purchase a bottle of Litchfield Distillery Spirits, they get more than an award-winning bourbon, vodka or gin. They claim a share in the support of our local economy and beyond. We often say that a bottle of Litchfield Distillery is like a “bottle of jobs.” That’s because in addition to the amazing and dedicated staff employed directly by us, we put to work a diverse group of suppliers, service providers, and consultants to help get the job done. This collaborative network is a part of everything we produce at Litchfield Distillery.

Consider some of the support required to operate our distillery and market our products:

Litchfield Distillery Staff — Farmers — Farm Workers — Printers — Packaging Component Suppliers — Barrel Makers — Still Manufacturers — Distributors — Truck Drivers — Contractors — Accountants — Bookkeepers — Electricians — Steel Workers — Plumbers — Pipe Fitters — Food Ingredients Manufacturers — Canning Suppliers — Attorneys — Architects — Glass Manufacturers — Insurance Carriers — Landscapers — Construction Workers — Exterminators — Office Cleaning Service — Lobbyists — Solar Power Contractor — Marketing Consultants — Photographers — Sign Makers — Illustrators — Bartenders —  Clothing Manufacturers — Local Artisan Crafters

This is not an exhaustive list, nor does it represent all the collaborative partnerships in place with local food companies like Maple Craft Foods, Zero Prophet Coffee or the countless breweries and wineries that purchase our retired bourbon barrels to create new products under their brands.

Since the earliest days of our launch, we love to describe our initial inspiration as, “One day we looked at our beautiful rolling hills and said, ‘Boy, wish we could bottle this.’ So we did.” That sentiment might capture the moment the three of us decided to open a distillery, but the collective “we,” our vast web of support, is how it all came to life and how Litchfield Distillery has been able to grow and achieve national recognition.

So, a huge thank you to everyone who has contributed to our business in some shape or form. We appreciate everything you do for Litchfield Distillery and are ever grateful for your Spirit of Hard Work!


The Batchers’ of Litchfield Distillery

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Illustration Credit: Tony Vengrove, Creative Director. Zeb Mayer, Illustration.