Limited Release 12-Year Cask Strength Bourbon Whiskey

At the end of each calendar year, it’s become tradition for us to release something really special. This year, for inspiration, we turned to the oldest bourbon barrels we have on hand.

Our Limited Release 12-Year Cask Strength Bourbon Whiskey is born from a selection of aged barrels we purchased before our launch. We searched high and low for the finest bourbon in the land and brought it back to Litchfield for further batching.

We bottle at 113 Proof and even at this higher proof, the flavors are nicely balanced with the heat. Its nose, palette and finish all present deep caramel and vanilla notes that evolve with each sip in a most satisfying way.

Each bottle is packaged in a Litchfield Distillery branded wood box with two tasting glasses. Suggested retail price is $95.95.

Distribution will be limited, but look for it where our products are currently sold. We will also have a limited supply at the Distillery, but expect these to sell out quickly.

It’s the perfect way to toast your Spirit of Hard Work this holiday season!