Just Released: 2022 Blueberry Vodka

This year’s release of Blueberry Vodka is now available! It’s another amazingly fragrant batch thanks to the plump, juicy blueberries from Dzen Farms in South Windsor, CT.

This expression is born from our gold-medal winning Vodka, which is distilled from non-GMO Connecticut corn sourced from Pleasant

View Farms (Somers, CT). We load our vodka base and fresh blueberries into the Trident still and let the mixture steep for 24 hours. Then, we begin distilling at a very low temperature, which allows us to create a finished spirit without color or any solids. For those that love this expression, you know firsthand how wonderful the aroma is and how authentic the blueberry flavor tastes. It’s all the work of real #CTGrown grain and fruit!

As most fans of our flavored vodkas know, we normally release these expressions on a seasonal basis. However, we are thrilled to announce that Blueberry Vodka will now be available year round! Last year, we explored a method that used frozen blueberries to replicate this expression. After testing carefully, we are confident that we can produce this exceptional spirit with the same fragrant aroma and fruity taste you’ve come to expect. It will still be crafted with #CTGrown blueberries! We procured additional fruit this fruit year from Dzen Farms, which we froze and will use for future batches until 2023’s crop is available.

Our Blueberry Vodka earned a gold medal from The Fifty Best and has been a hugely popular expression for us. Many bartenders love it for their craft cocktails and they were influential in getting us to find a year round solution. We hope everyone is as excited as we are.

You can purchase Blueberry Vodka at the Distillery and in most retail locations that carry Litchfield Distillery spirits.