Introducing Our 2020 Special Release!

It is our tradition to release a very special, very limited expression to celebrate the end of each year. For 2020, we’re proud to share this exceptional CT-Made Bottled-in-Bond Wheated Straight Bourbon. It is our first release of a wheated bourbon.

Produced in the fall season, it was aged for five years in new oak #4 charred barrels. At 100 proof, the initial nose offers a bold whiff of alcohol that evolves to honey-baked bread. The taste reveals vanilla and oak notes with a pleasantly dry, woodsy finish.

For those not familiar, the Bottled-in-Bond designation carries more than a century’s worth of American distilling heritage and was originally created to ensure provenance and transparency among U.S. distilleries. To make this designation a distillery must clear several hurdles. The spirit must be aged at least 4 years and bottled precisely at 100 proof. It must be made by one distiller at a single distillery in one season, and then aged in a bonded warehouse.

This limited edition Wheated Bourbon is sold in a special Litchfield Distillery branded wood box with two rocks glasses for $89.99. It is currently available for sale at our Distillery Store, but a limited quantity will be distributed to retailers soon. Follow us on social media to learn when it ships. It is also available for Curbside Pickup via this link.

We waited patiently for this bourbon to age up and it was well worth the wait. We’re really proud of how this bottle drinks and we think you’re really going to love it.

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