Filling Retired Sherry and Calvados Barrels

We recently took ownership of a few retired Sherry and Calvados barrels with the help of the Rocky Mountain Barrel Company. They’re now filled with our award-winning Batchers’ Straight Bourbon Whiskey and will rest for at least a year before we taste and evaluate.

The four PX Sherry Barrels were used by a bodega located in Jerez, Spain to age Sherry “Solera Style” for 20 years. The Solera process entails a fractional blending of liquid over many years to ensure a consistent, finished product as the average age gradually increases over time. We are excited to see what flavors our Straight Bourbon Whiskey picks up after resting in these fragrant barrels.

Similarly, we procured four Calvados barrels used by an estate in France to age apple brandy for 15 years. The barrels were sanded down and it appears new hoops were added as part of a refurbishment. Aging in these barrels will be quite interesting as we’ve never rested our bourbon in cooperage quite like this. We’ll just have to be patient to see how the flavors develop over the next year.

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