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Litchfield Distillery Double-Barreled Bourbon Whiskey

We searched high and low for the finest aged bourbon in the land and brought it back to Litchfield Distillery for further batching. The angels have had their way, now it’s our turn. This 10-year bourbon is bottle proofed to 88 and then re-barreled to invite a delicious bouquet of caramels, vanillas, fruits and spices that linger and evolve on the palette. We’re extremely proud of how our spirit of hard work paid off with this bourbon whiskey.

*** NOTE ***

We bottled our last barrel of this delicious bourbon. All that remains is the limited inventory we have at the Distillery and what’s on shelf with our retail partners. Once it’s gone, it’s gone forever.

We recently introduced a new 5-Year Double-Barrel Bourbon that replaces the 10-year. This new Double Barrel expression is 100% #CTGrown and #CTMade.


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