Batchers’ Strawberry Lemonade



2 parts Batchers’ Strawberry Vodka

3 parts fresh pink lemonade

Strawberry and mint garnish



  • Combine pink lemonade and Batchers’ Strawberry Vodka and stir well.
  • Pour over ice and garnish with a fresh strawberry and mint.
  • Also try experimenting with different herbs that compliment strawberry, such as lavender, rosemary, or lemongrass.

Seasonal: Batchers’ Strawberry Vodka

Silver Medal, The Fifty Best 2017. Our newest seasonal creation showcases fresh, local strawberries infused with our award-winning Batchers’ Vodka. The sweet ripe fruit imparts a wonderful aroma and refreshingly crisp taste that is perfect for summer cocktail season. We’ve had customers tells us this is the best-flavored vodka they’ve ever had. Try it and see for yourself!

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