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Hand Sanitizer Now Available in Half-Gallon Size

It’s been quite a ride since we began producing Hand Sanitizer on March 16th. To date, we have donated over 50,000 bottles to high-risk individuals and front-line essential workers. Along the way, we collected over $30,000 of your generous cash donations, which are now in the hands of the FISH Food Pantry & Homeless Shelter in Torrington.

Recently, as businesses began to re-open, requests for bulk amounts of our hand sanitizer increased significantly. To meet this increased demand, we decided to make available a Half Gallon Bulk Bottle for sale at $24.95/bottle. We believe you’ll find this price to be very competitive versus what you may find online and other outlets.

We will continue to donate our 6-ounce bottles to high-risk individuals and front-line essential workers. These bottles will continue to be distributed under the tent in our parking lot using the honor system.

The Half-Gallon size is available for purchase at the Distillery via our Curbside Pickup program or by purchasing in our distillery store. There is a limit of 6 bottles per order. If larger quantities are desired, please call us at 860-361-6503 to discuss.

Thank you for your continued support. We hope our sanitizer helps keep you and those important to you clean and safe.

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