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Our 1,000th Mash

The Batchers of Litchfield Distillery celebrated a milestone today when we began our 1,000th mash. It was a pretty typical day for us, but we captured parts of the process for posterity’s sake. Thank you to all of our customers and retail and distribution partners for your amazing support. We wouldn’t be celebrating this milestone today without your Spirit of Hard Work!

David gets ready to kick off the mash by aligning the fork lift with our grain mill.

The grain bin is lifted above the mill so the grains can be gravity fed and ground to our specs.

The grains fill the mill.

Batchers David and Naomi wait for the milled grain and water to fill the mash tun.

The heat and agitation in the mash tun convert the starches in crushed grains into sugars that are needed for distillation

Naomi checks the ph level.

When we’re complete, we wash the mash tun down and prepare for Mash #1,001. #SpiritOfHardWork

If you want to learn more about our entire Farm-to-Bottle-to-Farm distilling process, join us for a free tour and tasting! You reserve a space HERE.



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